M SYN S300 is one of the most recommended viscosity grade of SAE5W-30 semi-synthetic base engine oil for a wide range of latest vehicles in the market. It is formulated with the latest additive technology system to meet high-tier API Service category SP and conforming to higher requirement of performance level in engine oil stipulated by various European, North America and Asian engine manufacturers. The product is specially designed with exceptional elemental componentry to mitigate LSPI (Low Speed Pre-ignition) events in the latest TGDI engine. The product delivers outstanding lubricity and exhibits the complete performance in detergency, anti-wear, thermal or oxidation resistance for excellent engine protection.

Type: Semi Synthetic

Performance Features:

  • Outstanding frictional characteristics

Better fuel efficiency  •  Smooth and quiet driving experience  •  Reduce hardware’s material lost due to friction

  • Premium selection of core materials – Base oil and viscosity modifier

High shear stability and robust oil film  •  Stay-in-grade oil viscosity right up to the next oil change  •  Reduce volatility rate to ensure the minimal oil lost  •  Ensure good oil pumpability at low temperature

  • Active detergency and dispersant property

Prevent formation of deposit  •  Remove sludge and dirt efficiently  •  Prevent sedimentation of heavy impurities

  • Efficient oxidation inhibitor

Reduce aging rate of engine oil  •  Prevent oxidation on hardware’s material  •  Slow down the formation of sludge

  • Retainable TBN value

Neutralize acidic components due to oxidation  •  Minimize engine oil corrosion that leads to material lost

Grade & Specification:

API SP/RC (Resource Conserving)


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