A top-tier 4-stroke fully synthetic motorcycle engine oil engineered with premium ester base and advanced additive package to meet the highest category of API SP. The product is built on active components to deliver optimized frictional properties complying JASO MA2, exceptional wear protection, excellent cleansing performance and outstanding thermal and oxidation stability. It is formulated with extremely shear-stable amorphous polymer viscosity improver to enhance the endurance level under severe operating conditions such as high RPM and high stress.

Type: Fully Synthetic with Premium Ester Base

Performance Features:

  • Premium Ester Base

Significantly increase lubricity, cleaning properties and oxidative stability

  • Excellent shear stability

Consist robust oil film to withstand high stress and high temperature operation

  • Optimized frictional property

Provide incomparable clutch performance and outstanding fuel economy efficiency

  • Outstanding TBN retention

Provide strong engine cleaning performance right up to the next oil change

  • High versatility

Excellent high & low temperature performance

Grade & Specification:

SAE 10W-50



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