A supreme range of 4-cycle motorcycle oil that tailored to explore higher performance benchmark. The newly developed “Double-ester” with PAO formulation platform builds a sturdy lubrication characteristic to outperform the conventional synthetic grade in the market. SYNTEC ES-1 embeds with essential components of enhanced anti-oxidancy chemistry, unique detergency, superior anti-wear and anti-pitting protection, static friction optimization and ultimate engine lubrication. Through rigorous field test in racing parameters, the product is certified for its reliability and sustainability.

Type: Fully Synthetic with Double Ester

Performance Features:

  • Optimized frictional properties to improve clutch performance
  • Retainable viscosity for extended ODI (Oil Drain Interval)
  • Exceptional lubricity for protection against parts wearing and gear pitting
  • Unique detergency chemistry for excellent deposit and sludge prevention
  • Advanced anti-oxidation properties to enhance thermal resistance

Grade & Specification:

  • SAE10W-50 API SN
  • JASO MA2

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