Globe braised steak & onion is the premium quality product that is nutritious with the delicacy made from high quality beef that gives the appealing texture with bigger chunks and tastes great. Globe braised steak & onion is rich with energy and high content of protein, iron and minerals. It is a perfect choice for food that can be prepared easily and consumed in moderation as part of balanced diets or it can be eaten straight from cans making it a portable snack or with sandwiches, pasta dish or toasted sandwiches.

Brand Name: Globe
Product Name: Braised Steak & Onion
Product Code: GO (printed on can end)
Production Date: Day/Month/Year- (xx/xx/xx): Printed on Can end
Best Before/Shelf-life: 3 years from the date of production – printed on can end.
Manufacturer: Carpenters Agriculture & Manufacturing Ltd T/A-Globe, Madang – PNG

Main Ingredients:
Dry goods: Onions, Tomato Paste, Salt, Spices, hydrolyzed vegetable protein & Cereals(3.7%) w/w
Water added: (12.5%) w/w
Beef Trimmings (Parboiled and Raw): (90.80%) w/w
Fat Content: >0.2g/100g fat
Beef Trimmings are imported from various HACCP certified suppliers in Australia and New Zealand.

Double Seaming:
Hermetically sealed by which interlocked metal-to-metal joint that provides the double seaming to keep bacteria out of the cans, prevents leakage of liquids into or out of the cans, prevents seepage of pack from the cans and maintains the desired vacuum or pressure in the cans.

Heat Processing:
Heat processing is carried out to achieve commercial sterility.

Retorting product using – horizontal batch retorts.
Total Processing time: 120 minutes
Holding time: 90 minutes
Holding Temperature / pressure: 116 0C @ 1.90 bars

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